share MIDI musical compositions

Here are some of my self-made simple pieces:



this one is by flute:

this is by far the longest one:

this is my unfinished FLOWER DANCE

these two are simple piano clips:

this one is also on piano:

the last one is performed on flute as well:

I made them because I bought the MIDI keyboard..and I was playing it to fill that night. I was about to make a simple RPGmaker engined indie adventure game…and I believed that these compositions can be used in some of the dungeons.

Finally I gave up the idea :/

btw I’ve not touched the keyboard for a while.

Download link:


thanks for listening.

Blackjack game

Have been learning c++ for a month, i’ve created a text-based Blackjack game.

Download Link

Make sure you have Microsoft Visual Studio pre-installed in your computer.


Reply to this post to help me debug the program…if any.

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Cstorage” is a personal online storage where you can upload/download field directly to/from my website’s root. Currently, new users must be authorized a username/password personally. Talk to me if you need one. The maximum allowable single file size is 128MB, but the total space is unlimited. Keep this in mind.

“吶喊臺” is a social networking webpage. I’m still working on it. I’m pretty much an amateur developer. The whole website was built by drag-n-drop …believe it or not.

“推薦” includes the download link of 默砂之歌.

That’s it.

Have a good day.


Just finished test

Hey folks,
I just finished my organic chemistry test. Had a hard time memorizing IR, NMR & Mass Spectroscopy tables.
Stupid students leave blank on the tests; I’m worse cuz I guess.

I’ll work on my blog when I get back home later today. Thanks for reading:)